‘I should have come to see you ages ago, I feel so different about things now, I can’t believe it myself’

‘Very professional and deeply committed and dedicated. I highly recommend anyone to turn to Rachel for help in facing life challenges and to have a more fulfilling life’

‘Already I feel more able to cope when things go wrong’

‘…feel that I am at the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life.  Thank you so much Rachel!!’

‘I can’t believe the change already, I feel constantly positive all the time!’

‘In May 2017 I took a pregancy test which confirmed our wish…a few months on I am now 22 weeks pregnant and looking forward to our new addition’

‘I feel more positive about what I deserve as a human being and the impact of this has been much wider than just the health benefits’

‘Rachel’s so professional and listens to what works for me… A** incredible and totally recommended. We are eternally grateful xx’

RTT Session (90-120 minutes)

Get to the root of what is holding you back.

In person or online anywhere in the world.

Rewire your mind to enjoy your life.

Receive a bespoke recording to utilise neuroplasticity and continue the work from the session.

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