How I can help you get pregnant

I’ve got fantastic news!  The reality is that you don’t need to feel powerless in your situation.   So you feel as if you have got everything else in your life sorted but you just can’t seem to get pregnant?  Now is the time to take back control by making the decision to try something different. What you’ve been doing so far hasn’t worked.  Lets work together to recover your balance, reduce your stress and uncover any blocks, any unconscious beliefs you may have about pregnancy, childbirth or becoming a parent.

Science has proven the mind body connection and that unconscious beliefs can block your bodies ability to conceive. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) gets to the root cause of your beliefs giving you an understanding that allows you to change negative beliefs and install new positive ones. This may be the difference that works for you and I can be alongside you to support you on this next stage of your journey.


If you are feeling stuck and don’t know which way to turn, then I am offering a different option.

There are no guarantees. I can’t promise you a baby, but I can promise that I will do my very best to make it happen for you.  If you have been told there is no physical reason that you cannot get pregnant and maintain a pregnancy, then I can assist you to achieve an optimum fertile state.  This means you will be able to welcome, support and sustain a pregnancy physically, mentally and emotionally.  If you feel that trying to get pregnant has taken over your life; if your relationship is suffering, if you feel that you are being sucked into a spiral of negativity despite your best efforts, then my system will enable you to find your old self and cope with challenges in a much more positive and effective way.

Fertility Mindset Programme

I have designed my Fertility Mindset Programme to take advantage of the way your brain works, to utilise the science of your physiology to ensure that you are in an optimum state for conception to occur, and for you to sustain a pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.

I believe that if you are not able to get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy when there is no physical cause, then there is a psychological reason (this just means affecting or arising from the mind, relating to the emotional state of a person).

My job is to help you to discover why your mind is telling your body that it is not a good idea for you to have a baby.

Why it is not a good idea for you to get pregnant. It is amazing when you realise that the operating system that underpins everything we think and do has not evolved to catch up with the kind of lives that we live today.   Our daily lives have changed beyond recognition even in the last 100 years.  We are programmed for survival, that is the primary concern of our mind.  200,000 years ago our fight, flight or freeze response kept us alive in a dangerous world full of bears, snakes and real physical threats to our safety.  Todays world is very different but we are navigating it with the same outdated operating system.  Somewhere in your past you have picked up the message that it is not safe for you to have a baby, it’s not in your best interests.

What to expect

Fertility Mindset Programme is a combination of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and coaching.

Using this approach we’ll work together to create harmony between your subconscious and conscious mindRTT is used to get to the root cause of your issue(s) and address and resolve any unconscious blocks to pregnancy, childbirth or parenthood.  Coaching sessions then assist you in integrating your new beliefs and the discoveries you have made into your daily life.  This also means that you have extra support, an extra person in your corner.

I have designed my programmes to work as a whole person approach to fertility.

I don’t pretend to be a doctor or a nutritionist so I focus on my own area of expertise.  I do however touch on other areas if they come up as relevant during the programme.  This is because a whole person approach is absolutely necessary when boosting fertility and is one of the reasons why hypnotherapy works so well.  We will work to ensure that you regain your balance and overall wellbeing.  The Fertility Mindset Programmes will also reduce your stress and anxiety levels, improve your coping skills and lessen any strain on your relationships.

If you are due to undergo IVF the Fertility Mindset Programme is used to increase your chances of success.

The programmes are tailored individually but can focus on each stage of the treatment.  Helping you to feel calm, relaxed and positive during procedures and the 2 week wait increases the likelihood of success.

There are 3 rules of the mind that are very useful to remember:

 It does what it thinks you want it to do. 

It works to move you away from pain and toward pleasure.

It loves what is familiar.

What it is important to remember is that your mind works out what you want and what represents pain and pleasure, by responding to the words you tell it and the pictures you show it.  This comes from your self talk, the continous narration that is going on in your head (your ‘chimp’ if you have read the Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters) .  Words create images in our minds – say the name of a friend to test it.

If you want to get pregnant you need to notice the instructions you are giving to your unconscious mind.

The more you say the same words and create the same pictures the more familiar they become. Familiar is safe (you are still here thinking that same thought so clearly you survived to fight another day) . The more your thoughts follow the same path the more entrenched and easy to follow those neural pathways become until you may not even be consciously aware of them.

The brain uses a lot of energy it needs to be efficient.  To illustrate – think of a time when you have arrived at your destination with no memory of the drive there. When you frequently drive the same route you ‘switch off’ and your unconscious mind takes over. You don’t even notice changing gear, indicating, stopping or driving round a roundabout while you write a mental shopping list or rerun a conversation in your head.   It can be the same with your thoughts some are so familiar to you that you don’t even notice them anymore and you certainly don’t think about their consequences.

But here’s the thing! Your body takes instructions from your mind. The words and pictures you create in your mind are used as direct instructions to your body and can affect whether or not you get pregnant so for goodness sake make them good ones!!  


Childhood is when we form many of the beliefs about ourselves and our environment that continue to run our programmes as adults.  They unconsciously dictate our responses to the world around us.    Every experience you have is unique to you.  You may be witnessing the same event or doing the same thing as hundreds of other people but your experience will be your own because your perception of everything is filtered through your beliefs.

When I realised that my experience of life was affected by beliefs that were fed to me by others, or picked up from my experiences as a child and therefore not  true or set in stone, it felt like a revelation.   I saw the opportunity, the potential, the freedom to become who I wanted to be.  Old science said we were the product of our genes but science has moved on.  We now know that our genes are our blueprint but our environment, the environment our cells are in, affects which genes are activated. Even better news, our environment changes according to our perception of it!

I am sure that as an adult you, like me, would like to form your own beliefs and let go of those that are no longer relevant to you.

You may have picked up an unconscious belief that you are too old to have a baby, that the pain of childbirth will be unbearable, or that you won’t be a good parent.  Anything you have linked pain to, your mind will steer your body away from in its quest to keep you safe.  The good news is you can choose what to link pain and pleasure to.  You can choose your thoughts, you can choose to install new beliefs and you can choose what to make familiar.  You may be telling yourself consciously that you want to get pregnant and you want all the changes in your life that pregnancy will bring, but to actually get pregnant you need your unconscious mind to agree.

Your perception of reality creates your environment.

Each experience is filtered through your beliefs to create the environment you are in, the environment your cells are in.  Your body reacts to the environment by sending signals to your brain that trigger physiological responses.  You create your environment therefore you also create your response.   For example you normally love having a night in on your own.  You might put a candle on; enjoy the opportunity to watch your guilty pleasures on catch up, or a film that you know your other half wouldn’t enjoy, read a book in peace or sit on facebook or instagram all evening.  Then you watch a scary film… the next evening when you are in the house on your own, instead of enjoying it as you normally would, you become jumpy.  What was that noise? Did I lock the door? What if someone came in while I was upstairs?

Your environment is the same as it was the evening before but your perception has changed so your thoughts are different.

The environment is the same but your response to it has changed from positive to negative.  Your physiology reacts to your thoughts so your heart beats faster, you might feel hot, your mouth might become dry, your palms sweat, you may feel shaky.  There is no real threat just a perceived threat but your thoughts have affected your biology.   Our thoughts are massively powerful and my Fertility Mindset Programme will enable you to become aware of the thoughts and beliefs that are running your life subconsciously and change them to work in your favour.  It may be the difference that counts.

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