‘I should have come to see you ages ago, I feel so different about things now, I can’t believe it myself’

‘Very professional and deeply committed and dedicated. I highly recommend anyone to turn to Rachel for help in facing life challenges and to have a more fulfilling life’

‘Already I feel more able to cope when things go wrong’

‘…feel that I am at the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life.  Thank you so much Rachel!!’

‘I can’t believe the change already, I feel constantly positive all the time!’

‘In May 2017 I took a pregancy test which confirmed our wish…a few months on I am now 22 weeks pregnant and looking forward to our new addition’

‘I feel more positive about what I deserve as a human being and the impact of this has been much wider than just the health benefits’

‘Rachel’s so professional and listens to what works for me… A** incredible and totally recommended. We are eternally grateful xx’

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**In light of current advice regarding Coronavirus I am working online only. I will continue to use Zoom which is the video conferencing method I have always used internationally very successfully. You will receive clear instructions, it’s easy to use and very convenient as you will be in the safety and security of your own home.  Most importantly it is equally as effective as in person sessions**

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