‘I should have come to see you ages ago, I feel so different about things now, I can’t believe it myself’

‘Very professional and deeply committed and dedicated. I highly recommend anyone to turn to Rachel for help in facing life challenges and to have a more fulfilling life’

‘Already I feel more able to cope when things go wrong’

‘…feel that I am at the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life.  Thank you so much Rachel!!’

‘I can’t believe the change already, I feel constantly positive all the time!’

‘In May 2017 I took a pregancy test which confirmed our wish…a few months on I am now 22 weeks pregnant and looking forward to our new addition’

‘I feel more positive about what I deserve as a human being and the impact of this has been much wider than just the health benefits’

‘Rachel’s so professional and listens to what works for me… A** incredible and totally recommended. We are eternally grateful xx’

I just wanted to tell you our good news. We’ve had a positive pregnancy test 😊
We’re delighted, really delighted & I truly believe my session with you has helped make it happen.

“.. As a result of her treatment I am now living instead of surviving. Thank you Rachel”

Are You Ready For Change?

If you want something different you need to do something different!

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Are you ready to finally live the life you want to lead? Congratulations for finding me! I work to help people change their lives.

It may be stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, low self esteem, depression, Post Traumatic Stress, Imposter Syndrome or you just find yourself stuck, trapped in behaviours, habits and feelings that you no longer want, in a life you no longer enjoy. Do you want more?

It’s so easy to live a life on auto pilot and all too common for someone to wake up, look around and realise that they are living someone else’s life. Are you doing what everyone else wanted or expected you to do? Have you been fulfilling everyone else’s needs and forgetting about your own? Is fear holding you back?  Have you already had treatment for PTSD but it’s just not done the trick? You may be approaching your mid life years and feeling stuck in a life that no longer fits you, unable to see the way out or the way forward.

I can help with:

Stress & Anxiety
Fears & Phobias


Self esteem
Increasing Confidence
Improving Performance
Achieving Goals

Stop smoking

I am an Advanced RTT™ Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mind Coach and together we can discover and tackle the root cause of whatever is holding you back. Giving you clarity and understanding and tools that will transform you from the inside out. You can regain balance and wellbeing, resilience and the inner confidence and self esteem that leads to a greater sense of purpose and direction.

Most of all you can enjoy your life!

My 30 day Intensive Rewire Experience

You will also receive:

A cheat sheet guide to how the mind works – the thought patterns and mental habits that we can harness to work for us instead of against us.
Unlimited email, text or telephone support for the period of the experience.

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